OC Hacktoberfest;

Last Thursday, I attended my very first tech event celebrating Hacktoberfest 2018. This is my first year attending Hacktoberfest and contributing to open source(which I have yet to make another post about), so I was excited about sharing my latest projects with other people.

The event was held in Irvine, California at AutoGravity headquarters. AutoGravity is an auto-financing company that helps their clients finance cars and connects them directly with dealers/lenders. They also host other Hackathon events every other month or so.

Upon entering the site, I signed in with my information and signed an NDA. There were a few things I could not take pictures of at the event, including the design of this year’s Hacktoberfest shirts and their slideshows, of course. So I just decided not to take pictures at all. Anyway, there were a bunch of people who arrived early and just chit-chatted with each other. It seems that people came with their own groups and just kept to themselves…but little friendly, ol’ me walked up to almost everyone and introduced myself 🙂

The event started around 7pm and we were free to grab some food(yum, kabab! and baklava!) and drinks(Kombucha isn’t entirely cheap…but it was free for us attendees O.O). 10 minutes after settling in, the front-end devs of AutoGravity introduced themselves and started the slideshow. The slideshow pretty much wrapped up what Hacktoberfest is, contributing to open-source, and of course what tonight’s Hackathon entails. There were a few contests going on such as the first person who did the first pull request of the night gets a free Amazon giftcard, and there were others but I can’t remember them at all. They didn’t leave that part of the slideshow on during that time so no one really remembered what the contests were on–just that their goal was to complete the five PRs for this month(Aaand I couldn’t take a picture of the contest information either so…).

What I found pretty cool was that they introduced a workshop for those who have never done their first pull request on Github. This Github workshop helped attendees on creating an account on Github(if they have not done so already) and showed them the steps on creating their first PR. I pushed my boyfriend to attend that workshop with my laptop since he did not bring his. I stayed for a good few minutes to see how it was, then decided to head back and talk with other people. I met a couple of other front-end developers for AutoGravity and talked a bit with Jesse, who was the front-end manager. He gave me some advice on pushing forward with my projects and told me to keep learning no matter how frustrating it can be at times. I also met a couple of people attending Redwood Code Academy, which is a coding bootcamp located in Santa Ana and they all told me they are “coded out”(lol) and are on week 10 of their learning curriculum.

It was a great time talking to people and having a great experience overall at the event that night. I got to meet people with different kinds of learning experience–people who just jumped into learning to code for the first time this year and people who have been at it for years. AutoGravity is hosting an event based on Javascript some time next month so for sure, I am attending that as well.

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