Overlooking mistakes and logs.

I have been debugging for about 6 hours and was so close to tossing my laptop out of the window. I was following up with the course and eventually hit yet another obstacle: successfully deploying my site on Heroku for the first time. Code was running smoothly, database was successfully in motion, what could go wrong? Well, it looks like I was experiencing a 503 internal server error, as well as a CORS error. 503 internal error meant that my back-end was not connecting to the front end or database at all, and no HTTP requests were successful. CORS error meant a cross-platform domain issue…something I have yet to look into. But I did install CORS package and enabled it within my app, which means I am able to access it on any platform just fine. What happened there?

I’ve been doing heroku logs –tail to trace my logs and see what I can debug. I’ve gotten ALL kinds of HTTP errors. Obviously. Then I made sure to disable CORS by running chrome.exe and disabling it through there. Still didn’t work because 503 server error was still there. What?


Fast forward 6 hours later.

I was still scrolling through Stack Overflow, FCC forums, Quora…even asked on Discord to see what’s up. As I was scrolling, I remembered….

“When was the last time I committed a file to my master branch…?”

Well, crap. It’s been awhile since I git pushed recent files.

Lo’ and behold…Server is running smoothly. I am able to create a new user and log in successfully in my app. One little slip up and neglecting to remember to push files onto master branch can really mess you up in the end and make you want to pull your hair out.

My partner was trying to reassure me, telling me that I am more than capable of doing freelancing jobs on the side while looking for an actual job as a full-time developer.

I told him that if I can’t even do something as simple as debug code or even run my app on a server, I am not ready at all.

Ouch. I’m not ready. Far from it.

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