Oh Did I tell you?

I created my very first app! It’s just based off the class I have taken online but wow, what an accomplishment!

Its an app Emoji Dictionary which is basically a dictionary of…emojis. And explains what each one are after you click on them.


Trying to think and solve algorithmically has been extremely difficult for me especially when it comes to solving problems through Code Wars. There are some I can solve, while there are many I cannot. But when I check out the solutions, the puzzles fit together in my head and I can understand what is going on.

BUT that doesn’t help if I don’t know how to solve problems myself most of the time. My good friend Corey actually introduced me to this book called Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle McDowell. I purchased it on Amazon Prime and it came within two days. I’ve been flipping thru the pages during my spare time as well as trying to absorb the content overall. I really hope it will help me with problem solving in the future. There have been many good reviews on it.

My Progress on Swift!



I’ve cleared out one section on Skill Stack on learning Swift. And I gotta say; it is pretty enjoyable! One of my hobbies is learning something new all the time and I love how learning programming languages gives me such a fulfilling sense of accomplishment.

I’ve learned how to create labels and add buttons that provide text once you click on them. I’ve also learned If statements in Swift and how much of an impact they can make to your code. It’s pretty neat.

The past few days I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this error I’ve made on xcode. Every single time I launched the simulator, it would crash and show this error code; SIGBRT thread 1 or something of the sort. I had to backtrack many times to figure out what went wrong. What was the problem? I didn’t even know I created another path on one of my UI buttons. I deleted that and bam! My simulator didn’t even crash anymore.

I felt a huge wave of relief and self-accomplishment because I, for one, figured out the problem on my own. It took me about a day and a half but I finally did it. I know it is something very minuscule but can you imagine how great I felt, as a beginner programmer, that I troubleshooted this problem MYSELF? 😀

It goes to show how important it is to TESTTESTTEST your code little by little so you won’t get lost in transition along the way, as well as showing how one little mishap can cause your entire project to crash. Whew!

A Little Update;

Seasons greetings! I know I haven’t written a post in so long. I’ve been keeping busy with work, studying, and just life in general. My boyfriend’s mother has some health issues that needed to be tended to and I am glad she is well now! There were other priorities that had to be taken care of but I’m glad I am back!!

UPDATE;; I’ve been looking into this bootcamp school in LA called Coding Dojo… Went to their open house a couple of weeks ago and was intrigued by their teaching curriculum. Not many *bootcamps* out there teach full stack and it’s great to have Coding Dojo so close to home. Well, approximate drive would be about a little over an hr but…it beats having to find an apartment out there and having to pay more out of my pocket. I’ve been studying on and off to have myself stand out from the rest of the group but I know I shouldn’t set my expectations like that and know for sure that there will be more experienced programmers in my cohort, even in the beginning.

I guess I should say that no matter how much I study for this, research and become an expert “Google-r”, there is still so much to learn and I know I’m going to be pulling my hair out a bunch of times during those 3 months.

I’ve been working in retail and cafe jobs that this is my chance to finally go up in life, y’know? It’s a good feeling to know that I will be quitting my job some time in May… Wow! That is pretty soon.